Monday, December 28, 2009

Spannotia Vineyards Garnacha 2006

So starting off, I would like to say, Merry Christmas. I'm sure most of you have been haunted by this seasonal gesture throughout the whole month of December, do not allow my greeting to leave you vexed, I mean it from the heart, even if it's after the day of giving. Getting into what I drank over the holiday, my primary wine of choice was the bubbles, yes, Champagne, Prosecco, white Lambrusco, some Asti for the lady and Rose Cava. Indeed it was a good couple of days, and sorry, I didn't review the bubbles, Christmas was for the Family. With the first day back at work, reality hit me and I realized, it's time to get back into the saddle and do the only thing that keeps me sane while working in corporate America, write about what I'm drinking tonight. My palates spotlight is shining on Spain's Garnacha grape tonight, which most wine enthusiasts classify as Grenache from the Rhone Valley in France. The bottle I'm sipping on tonight is Spannotia Vineyards Garnacha 2006. So before I get into the nose of this Garnacha, I must tell you that some people may not appreciate some of it's notes. But I happen to be one of those few individuals who become intrigued with different nuances in wine and how some bottles tend to translate the land of where they were created perfectly to the palate. This 2006 Garnacha on the nose carries notes of asparagus and herbaceous qualities. Although a bit tight on the smell I also pick up hints of rasberry, pepper, and smoked beef jerky. Getting in to the tasting notes, I pick the smoked beef jerky on the initial attack of the palate, and the pepper lasts throughout the mid, along with rasberry, black tea, and vegetation to the finish. I've tasted many Garnacha's from Spain and although the herbaceous notes and soil based vegetation intrigue me, I find the fruit to be, not so pure. All in all, this isn't an offensive wine to me, and I would like to try another bottle to see if the notes would be the same. If you get a chance to try it, please leave some notes on what your taste buds are telling you.

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