Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BigHorn Cellars 2005 Syrah from Napa

So, for the record, I love Rhone Varietals, that includes Syrah, Mouvedre, and Grenache. Syrah, for one reason or the other has taken the world in it's talons and run with it. I'm kinda tired tonight and am not in the mood to get into my personal feelings about Rhone grapes so I'm a get right into this wine. I'm drinking the BigHorn Cellars 2005 Syrah from Napa. On the nose I pick up Tobacco, Blackberries/Cherries and chocolate hints of chalky plum and chocolate. Upfront on this Syrah I caught sharp tannins. I also tasted from this Syrah the dry and concentrated fruit of Blackcherry. This wine also intoxicated me with a long finish of tobacco mixed with black tea and chocolate On the long finish. California Rhone Varietals are not my favorite, but this wine shows more than potential, and I'm curious to what you, who read this, thinks. Leave a comment.

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  1. Good descriptives. The wine has a little bit of harsh stemmy qualities, but is very drinkable. It has enough flavor and tannin to improve for a few years. I bought it for $6 from Discount Grocers and I think I'll get some more. For a 2005 the wine is very youthful. Fantastic deal!