Wednesday, January 6, 2010

J.P. Mendoza Pampa De Baco Malbec 2008

I do love world wines, you know the wines that don't come from Napa, which is difficult for a native of California. But I do love wines from all over the globe, and one place that I've not given enough creatence to is Argentina. So because of my neglect, let's showcase their shining star, Malbec. Now, I've had numerous Malbecs from in Argentina, and I have had some bad experiences for my palate. But there are some great Malbecs from Argentina, which once was a royal varietal from Bordeaux that in the past was considered mostly a blending grape, that became a great wines in it's own right. An example of this Ideology is the Pampa De Baco Malbec 2008. On the nose of this Argentina treasure are blackberries and plum meshed in with floral nuances, tobacco and hints of bread. What I tasted was a dark fruited front end, such as Blackberries, plum, and hints of cassis. Also on the palate I tasted coffee and hints of tobacco, with nice round tannins on the finish. This wine has a brilliant balance of dark fruit and concentration. Grocery Outlet is not everywhere but, definitely look for this bottle if you, yourself are in this store. And if you get a chance to try such a Malbec, please leave a comment, I'm curious to know what opinion another palate holds.


  1. Hi fellow wine lover. I also found my bottle of Argentina Malbec at the local Grocery Outlet. I love it! I didn't think that I would enjoy it all that much because I am not fond of a plum flavor but this wine has a lovely balance of flavor and very smooth.

  2. I became a fan of a Cabernet/Malbec blend at my local wine bar. When I was in Grocery Outlet a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a bottle of this Malbec. Love it! Definitely buying the rest of the supply before they run out. For only $5, this is amazing wine!

  3. I am drinking this wine right now. I love it. I love to try wines at the Grocery Outlet and when I find a good one I like to see what is being said about it on the Internet. Glad others find it yummy too.

  4. Just tried it and what a fantastic wine for only $5, it is definately one to stock up on. My new "wine store" is the Grocery Outlet, I love finding interesting bottles and trying them out. This Malbec is a keeper!!!!

  5. I also found this wine at the Grocery Outlet. I love the wine. I only brought one bottle, and now wish I had purchased more. Does anyone know other places to find this great wine?

  6. I just picked up a bottle of this at the local Grocery Outlet for $4.99. At that price, a Malbec is a pretty safe gamble. It's not a lot of money, and I've had pretty good luck with the Mendoza valley Malbecs. Even the few slightly disappointing ones haven't been bad enough to pour down the plug hole. (And, really, how disappointed can we be in a $5 wine?)

    It's a little ironic that a grape so disparaged by the French in the 18th century could be transformed into something downright enjoyable as a result of a change in citizenship—further proof that climate and soil are at least as important as lineage and vinification.

    This one was a pleasant surprise. Not the best Malbec I've tasted, but very enjoyable, and an excellent value. As with most of Argentina's Malbecs, it benefits from a little air time to let some of the harsher volatiles dissipate and open up the riper fruit. It doesn't warrant decanting, but an hour of bottle breathing benefits the wine greatly. I suspect one of those silly plastic aeration contraptions might benefit the juice as well, but I still prefer a little patience.

    I pulled the cork while I was making supper, pouring a glass to enjoy during prep, and enjoyed its evolution in the glass. By the time the wine and food came to table, it was downright delicious, and a nice accompaniment to a spicy spaghetti with sausage, roasted asparagus, and piquillo cream sauce.

    Palates are all different, but in this case, your assessment is spot on with my own. Recommended!

    Great blog, by the way! I'll look forward to reading more of your reviews of goodwinescheap.