Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tin House 2004 Edna Valley Syrah

Yes, I'm sorry, this is the second Syrah in a row. This year seems to be the year of the Rhone Valley grapes, and with that comes the grapes of Mouvedre, Grenache, and of course Syrah. Well, in this instance I am showcasing the grape that dominates the Northern Rhone, Syrah, but this wine is not from the Rhone Valley. My mind is in the San Luis Obispo County in California, if you don't know. So, getting into one of my favorite area for Pinot Noir, I am allowing my palate an adventure and trying a Syrah from Edna Valley. I am drinking,tonight the Tin House 2004 Edna Valley Syrah. On the nose I embraced rasberry,
new car smell, soil, hints of creaminess and chocolate. Tasting this
Syrah I catch Blackcherry and plum which got a little sour on the finish.
This Syrah is a smooth and silky wine with a long finish. I also enjoyed
the blended cherry and chocolate on the outside of the palate. Seek and
Ye shall Find, all readers should keep this passage in mind when looking for this Syrah, and
and definitely leave a comment.

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