Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beneventano Anglianico 2008 Epicuro

So, I have a confession to make, I love Trader Joes. A reason I love Trader Joe's, lies in the fact that when I attended college years ago, I was starting to get the wine bug but had no money to support such a habit. I knew I wanted explore the wine world and educate myself on different varietals, and this is where trader Joe's became a saving grace. I found myself making daily visits, trying any new varietals I could get my hands on and taking mental notes on how each affected my palate. One varietal that peaked my curiosity was the Italy's Anglianico Grape. What I'm drinking tonight is the Beneventano Anglianico 2008 Epicuro.

On the Nose: Black-berries mixed in with black-cherries, hints of Cocoa and Vanilla, and on the tail end a splash of blueberries kicks in.

On the Palate: Blue-berries and Black-berries initially engage the front of the tongue. Along the Fruit some hints of tobacco and sour plum joins the party. The finish continues for a long time, but don't get this wine confused with something overly complex, it's a everyday bottle. It has pure fruit, not too structured, but delicious and allows for people not familiar with Anglianico to expand their palate. Wine is so much fun. Salut.

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