Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Longest Relationship, Her Name: Vino

I start this session by saying, thank you for visiting my blog, or should I say thank you for being the third party witness to my relationship with the queen of my castle Wine. A good companion can always say they have seen you at your highest and your lowest points, and she has. Money has never been deciding factor in our relationship, although at times, it seemed, I couldn't afford the best of you, but you assured me that more money doesn't always mean the best quality and I took that to heart. The relationship between Vino and I has grown closer and closer over these six almost seven years, and her previous words to me have rang true......

Okay, okay, I'm done with the story about being a Wino, I am here to let all who are reading this know that if they love wine but have problems paying for bottles because of cost, I want to help all of you jump that hurdle. I'm not a Sommelier but I have a distinct love for wine, which I express everyday with a bottle (or two) to myself. I figure, since I drink wine the way I do, why not share with all who don't have the money but want good wine. Feel free to comment on any wines I single out through our journey of low cost wine together.

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