Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse 2009 (Chardonnay)

Welcome back to another installment of Good Wines Cheap. It's been a while but I'm back, so let's get down to business. Today I am drinking the Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse 2009. This is a Chardonnay base wine out of Burgundy in France. Louis Jadot is a well-known producer who has been producing wine for a very long time in France. With that being said, here are my tasting notes:

Nose - On the nose I first get melon with a kind of a soapstone thing going on in the background. Also, I smell a sprinkle of pear but it's not overwhelming, it actually seems to be wrapped up in thin sheet of oak.

Palate - So when tasting this Chardonnay the first thing that I acknowledge is this wine has a fair amount of balance. I love that no one nuance overpowers the palate, the only thing that stands out more than anything else is the melon on the initial attack. The mid-palate falters a bit but not enough to where it ruins the tasting experience.The finish introduces a touch of apple accompanied by melon who runs a consistent race throughout your palate all the was to the finish line. There is also a fair amount of minerality rounding out the edges of my palate, which makes this, all in all a not overly complicated pretty good bottle of wine. I believe this would pair really well with Seabass and some spicy seafood such as chili pepper shrimp, I can even see it going with some specific types of oysters. So that my interpretation of this gem from Burgundy and I hope you get a chance to go pick it up. Till next time, cheers.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Comartin Cellars Terra Alta Santa Ynez Valley 2008 Grenache

Comartin Cellars

Really quick, If you don't know about Comartin Cellars, and you love wine, please sign up for their wine club. Damn good wines, and great hands behind the scenes creating true elegance. What I drinking tonight is the Comartin Cellars Terra Alta Santa Ynez Valley 2008 Grenache. Here are my tasting notes:

On the nose: Vanilla, and fruits such as strawberry/rasberry, some licorice with hints of rose petals and pepper.

On the Palate: Sour strawberries and rasberries rounded out by specks of black pepper on the outside of the palate. Hints of vanilla kick in on the finish, and very seem-less with a solid mineral structure throughout the palate. You do catch a very small amount of alcohol on the finish, but with a little cellaring that will go away. Solid length on finish.

In my opinion this is must try, and please tell me what story your palate pulls from this wine. Shout outs to Adam, the man behind the wines, keep making the good stuff and I 'll keep drinking them. The website is http://www.comartincellars.com/.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beneventano Anglianico 2008 Epicuro

So, I have a confession to make, I love Trader Joes. A reason I love Trader Joe's, lies in the fact that when I attended college years ago, I was starting to get the wine bug but had no money to support such a habit. I knew I wanted explore the wine world and educate myself on different varietals, and this is where trader Joe's became a saving grace. I found myself making daily visits, trying any new varietals I could get my hands on and taking mental notes on how each affected my palate. One varietal that peaked my curiosity was the Italy's Anglianico Grape. What I'm drinking tonight is the Beneventano Anglianico 2008 Epicuro.

On the Nose: Black-berries mixed in with black-cherries, hints of Cocoa and Vanilla, and on the tail end a splash of blueberries kicks in.

On the Palate: Blue-berries and Black-berries initially engage the front of the tongue. Along the Fruit some hints of tobacco and sour plum joins the party. The finish continues for a long time, but don't get this wine confused with something overly complex, it's a everyday bottle. It has pure fruit, not too structured, but delicious and allows for people not familiar with Anglianico to expand their palate. Wine is so much fun. Salut.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vicarmont Vineyard Winery Merlot 2008

Nose: Plum, Blackberries and hints of jerky.

Taste: Heavy fruit, well made, good mid-palate and long finish. Blackberries throughout the palate accompanied with plum on finish with hints of vanilla on sides of palate. But there is a hell of a delicious factor in this wine.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jason Stephens Winery 2007 Estate Select Syrah

This was definitely a quality bottle of wine with good complexities, here are my tasting notes:

Nose: Flakes of cocoa, hints of tobacco, cassis, vanilla, and also little hints of Beef Jerky.

On the Palate: Cassis and Black-cherries on initial attack. Tobacco on a seemless transition from front to mid-palate. Some smokiness on transition from mid palate to finish. The finish could be longer and fuller, but good round tannins.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Zinfandel 2007

I am currently drinking the sterling Vineyards Napa Valley Zinfandel
2007 and on the nose:
I am catching huckleberries some vanilla oak components and also nuances of spice along with the tobacco smell from a cigar box. It has a standard Zinfandel nose along with a few more interesting surprises.
While tasty sterling Zinfandel:
I'm enjoying bing and black cherry in the mid palate and it has a long finish with a bit of cigar box and also small amounts of cocoa on the cherry which translated throughout the whole palate. This is a very balanced wine, the alcohol doesn't rear it's ugly head throughout the whole process of drinking such a wine. I say buy it, try it, make your own assumption and get back to me, it's a great entry wine for people starting off in the world of zinfandel. Till then, Happy New Year.