Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse 2009 (Chardonnay)

Welcome back to another installment of Good Wines Cheap. It's been a while but I'm back, so let's get down to business. Today I am drinking the Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse 2009. This is a Chardonnay base wine out of Burgundy in France. Louis Jadot is a well-known producer who has been producing wine for a very long time in France. With that being said, here are my tasting notes:

Nose - On the nose I first get melon with a kind of a soapstone thing going on in the background. Also, I smell a sprinkle of pear but it's not overwhelming, it actually seems to be wrapped up in thin sheet of oak.

Palate - So when tasting this Chardonnay the first thing that I acknowledge is this wine has a fair amount of balance. I love that no one nuance overpowers the palate, the only thing that stands out more than anything else is the melon on the initial attack. The mid-palate falters a bit but not enough to where it ruins the tasting experience.The finish introduces a touch of apple accompanied by melon who runs a consistent race throughout your palate all the was to the finish line. There is also a fair amount of minerality rounding out the edges of my palate, which makes this, all in all a not overly complicated pretty good bottle of wine. I believe this would pair really well with Seabass and some spicy seafood such as chili pepper shrimp, I can even see it going with some specific types of oysters. So that my interpretation of this gem from Burgundy and I hope you get a chance to go pick it up. Till next time, cheers.

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  1. I've been looking to try some Louis Jadot lately and haven't know which to pick up for the remaining few days in the summer. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Kelsey at http://gradsguidetowine.blogspot.com