Friday, April 22, 2011

Comartin Cellars Terra Alta Santa Ynez Valley 2008 Grenache

Comartin Cellars

Really quick, If you don't know about Comartin Cellars, and you love wine, please sign up for their wine club. Damn good wines, and great hands behind the scenes creating true elegance. What I drinking tonight is the Comartin Cellars Terra Alta Santa Ynez Valley 2008 Grenache. Here are my tasting notes:

On the nose: Vanilla, and fruits such as strawberry/rasberry, some licorice with hints of rose petals and pepper.

On the Palate: Sour strawberries and rasberries rounded out by specks of black pepper on the outside of the palate. Hints of vanilla kick in on the finish, and very seem-less with a solid mineral structure throughout the palate. You do catch a very small amount of alcohol on the finish, but with a little cellaring that will go away. Solid length on finish.

In my opinion this is must try, and please tell me what story your palate pulls from this wine. Shout outs to Adam, the man behind the wines, keep making the good stuff and I 'll keep drinking them. The website is


  1. I also run a wine blog ( with a similar format - cheap wines. I like your quick and dirty style to wine recommendations!