Saturday, July 4, 2009

Everyday Drinking Wines - Vendemmia 2007 Beneventano Anglianico Epicuro, Riserva 2005 Salice Salentino Epicuro

Yes, my wonderful wine drinkers, we have two bottles. Today my taste buds take me to Italy. Well not Italy as in the Boot in Europe, but Italy as in soul of the country found in both of these bottles I'll be reviewing. Both bottles contain not well known grapes of Italy, at least not in the United States. The Vendemmia 2007 has 100% Anglianico and the Salice Riserva 2005 is 80% Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera is 20%. Now ask yourself, have you ever tasted any of these grapes let alone heard of them, for 80% of you, the answer is no, well you are in for a treat. These wines are easily accessible, they are located at the nearest Trader Joes in the Italian section. So let's get into my tasting notes. The Vendemmia 2007 Beneventano Anglianico Epicuro (priced at 5.99), on it carries with it cassis, strawberry, hints of hickory and some floral aspects. There's something about this nose seems pretty silky, which excites me a little. On the front I taste a mix of red ripe cherries and black berries which extends into the mid-palate adding hints of vanilla. This wine finishes silky, still allowing the fruit to remain intact, this is an everyday wine that is not too complex, but because of the fruit and sexy silk appeal, I find it delicious.
The Riserva 2005 Salice Salentino Epicuro (also priced 5.99) has a big fruit forward nose. This wine contains plum, cassis, candied blackberry, and oak. The taste contains good acid, good mouth feel, plum from front to mid, with a long finish of ripe cherry. Also like this wine's brother in brand, there is also a bit of cream in the mid which makes for a silky transition to a chalky cherry finish. For the price these are definitely a good couple of wines, and maybe a good choice for the fourth of July. Happy fourth of July to all.

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  1. One of the tastiest wines I've ever had...
    Vendemmino 2007 Rosso Tuscano, purchased in Volterra, Tuscany in the Fall of 2007. It was very young, probably bottled very recently before consuming.
    Just a hint of sweet, very fruity. It will always be a pleasant memory of our trip to Italy.
    I'd love to find it again.